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Environmental Scientist/Wetlands Biologist

We are seeking an experienced full-time Environmental Scientist/Wetlands Biologist.

Duties include research and field screenings to identify environmental conditions of a project area. Field environmental screenings are typically performed for surface water, ecological communities, threatened and endangered species, and wetlands. Candidates should be proficient in technical writing and possess good communication skills. Candidates will be responsible for performing wetland delineations in accordance with the USACE 1987 Wetlands Delineation Manual and Northeast Regional Supplement. Must have three or more years of experience performing wetland field work and be able to conduct delineations independently.

Job Description:

The Environmental Scientist performs environmental screenings and studies in accordance with NEPA, SEQRA and NYSDOT requirements. Overnight travel is often necessary.

Technical Responsibilities include:

*Wetland field delineation in accordance with USACE 1987 Manual and Northeast Regional Supplement.
*Review of ecological communities to identify presence of species habitat.
*Documenting stream characteristics and flagging Ordinary High Water elevation.
*Preparation of permit application packages for wetland and stream impacts.
*Viewing data and preparing figures using GIS and/or CADD.
*Preparation of technical reports under the direction of senior staff.
*Assess project-related impacts.

Minimum Education: Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science, Biology, Botany, Soil Science, Ecology, Wildlife or related field.

Contact - Phone: (607) 798-8081 Fax: (607) 798-8186