Intern Program

Shumaker is committed to advancing the education and careers of local college students studying the Engineering Sciences and Civil Engineering.  We encourage college students to apply for internship programs at Shumaker.  Employment can be tailored to your academic schedule at any one of our office locations.


Meet a current SCE Intern (Binghamton Office)

Ever wonder what it would be like to see Shumaker through the eyes of an intern? Check out the perspective of Jacob Horn! Jacob stays busy juggling his college studies at the University of Pittsburgh and being an Intern at Shumaker!

1. What sparked your interest in civil engineering?
JH: “I became interested in civil engineering when I was starting to look into possible college choices in high school. I was good at math and science so my mom suggested looking into engineering. Having known Joe Bayer through church activities, I asked if I could visit his work for a day to get a better idea of what civil engineering involved. The visit really helped to pull me toward the field. I enjoyed the work with AutoCAD and the maps. Then I went to an Intro to Engineering summer program at the University of Notre Dame for part of the summer before my senior year of high school. The program just helped to solidify my decision.”

2. Has the internship at SCE been complimentary to your studies?
JH: “I have taken most of my core engineering classes that are necessary for any field in engineering including calculus, chemistry and physics. I have also taken my basic civil classes. Now I am set to start taking more in depth civil classes. The classes I have taken so far have mainly been a foundation. I have learned enough to be able to keep up with the work I must do in my internship while allowing me to learn a lot just by doing the work. The hands on experience sometimes helps me to learn ten times as much then just taking the classes. It is also a great feeling when you can start connecting what you learn in class with what you do in the field. It makes all the time spend in class feel worthwhile.”

3. What projects have you worked on at SCE?
JH: “I have done a number of construction inspections as well as put a lot of time into the storm water outfall mapping project. I have also done Cad work for mapping and some work on designs drawings.

4. What project has been the most difficult?
JH: “There has not been one particular project that stands out as the most difficult. The hardest part so far has been learning how to properly do work in cad drawing. It is sometimes hard to remember how to do everything. Sometimes I have to keep looking it up again. Everyone is willing to help and answer questions, so it makes everything easier.”

5. What has been your favorite project/task so far at SCE?
JH: “I like the variety of work that I get to do. I don’t have to do one job enough that it starts to feel repetitive which can make the week feel much longer than it is. My favorite task is construction inspections when the weather is nice. It feels good to be outside when the sun is out, but that doesn’t happen all that often in the winter but I still enjoy being outside.”

6. What are your future plans?
JH: “I plan on graduating with a civil engineering degree and then work to get my PE.”

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